Development Trends of Tartu Observatory

The mission of Tartu Observatory as a space research centre is to realize an excellence in the space science in the interests of the development of Estonia. 

The Vision of Tartu Observatory. Tartu Observatory is a recognized partner in an international research and technology development, using the excellent scientific competence to promote the real education, support entrepreneurship and broaden the scientific worldview in order to contribute to solving the challenges faced by society.

Strategic Goals for 2014-2020

  • Tartu Observatory is one of the leading European research institutions
    in the terms of the results of the research and development in astrophysics, remote sensing
    and space technology.
  • Tartu Observatory is an active and visible international cooperation partner.
  • Tartu Observatory is a national centre of competence and innovation in the
    astronomy, remote sensing and space technology related areas.
  • The research work of Tartu Observatory support the development of
    knowledge-intensive economy in the interests of the Estonian society.

Evaluation Reports

Development Plans and Research Priorities