Getting to Tartu

Tartu, the centre of Southern Estonia is situating 185 kilometres south of Tallinn. Tartu is a second largest city in Estonia with its population of 98 480 (2011) in an area of 38,8 square kilometres. For more information please visit Tartu webpage.

You can get to Tartu by car, by plain to Tartu Airport, by bus to Tartu Bus Station or by train to Tartu Railway Station.

It's very common that people are coming to Tartu through the Estonian capital Tallinn, where the hourly bus connection offers very covenient trip lasting 2,5 hours - the same time as by car. 

Tõravere, where you can visit Tartu Observatory, is situated 20 km south from Tartu. Directions how to get to Tõravere.

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Coming by plane

Tartu Airport is situated about 10 km from Tartu city centre and has connections to Helsinki. Airport Shuttle service can help you to get to Tartu city centre. For more information about flights from Helsinki to Tartu and airport services please visit the Tartu Airport website.

Tallinn Airport is situated 186 km from Tartu city centre. We suggest to take regular hourly bus from Tallinn Airport to reach to Tartu, and buy bus ticket beforehand via T-pilet booking system
For more detailed information about the international flights to Tallinn please visit the Tallinn Airport website.

Riga Airport is situated from Tartu city centre. We suggest to take regular bus to reach to Tartu. For more detailed information about the international flights to Riga please visit the Riga Airport website. More information about bus connection between Riga and Tartu as well as schedule of buses you can find at the Lux Express website.

Coming by bus

Estonia has bus links with major cities in Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania. Most of the connections come to Tallinn Bus Station. Tartu Bus Station has direct bus connections with Riga (Latvia) and St. Petersburg (Russia).

Within Estonia hourly buses from Tallinn to Tartu makes usually a stop at airport. Both international and Estonian intercity bus routes please check on Lux Express website. We suggest to buy bus ticket beforehand via T-pilet booking system.

Coming to Estonia by ferry

From Stockholm and Helsinki, there is also a ferry connection to Tallinn.
Detailed information on routes please find on Port of Tallinn website.