ESA Meris Validation Team meeting

9 - 11 December 2015 in Estonia - Tõravere, Kääriku

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Follow-up: agenda, participants and presentations

Agenda of the meeting  |  Photo gallery  |  List of presentations  |  Download presentations

List of participants

  1.    Bahjat Alhammoud, ARGANS Ltd,  UK
  2.    Krista Alikas, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  3.    IImar Ansko, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  4.    Elar Asuküll, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  5.    Marc Bouvet, European Space Agency, Netherlands
  6.    Ludovic Bourg, ACRI ST, France
  7.    Davide D'Alimonte, CIMA,  University of Algarve, Portugal
  8.    Steven Delwart, European Space Agency, Italy
  9.    Philippe GoryI, European Space Agency, France
  10.    Jean-Paul Huot, European Space Agency, France
  11.    John lcely, Sagremarisco, Portugal
  12.    Pierre Jaccard, NIVA, Norway
  13.    Evelin Kangro, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  14.    Gema Casal, Calway Marine Institute, Ireland
  15.    Hajo Krasemann, HZG,  Coastal Research, Germany
  16.    Susanne Kratzer, Stockholm University, Sweden
  17.    Tiit Kutser, Estonian Marine Institute, Estonia
  18.    Joel Kuusk, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  19.    Ewa Kwiatkowska, EUMETSAT, Germany
  20.    Anna Birgitta Ledang, NIVA, Norway
  21.    Christophe Lerebourg, ACRI ST, France
  22.    Martin Ligi, Tartu Observatory Estonia
  23.    Tiia Lillemaa, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  24.    Constant Mazeran, Solvo, France
  25.    Gerald Moore, BioOptics, UK
  26.    Astrid Pung, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  27.    Timo Pyhalahti, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Finland
  28.    Aivo Reinart, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  29.    Anu Reinart, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  30.    Ana Ruescas, Brockmann Consult GmbH, Germany
  31.    Rüdiger Röttgers, HZG,  Coastal Research, Germany
  32.    Richard Santer, France
  33.    Yevgen Shybanov, Marine Hydrophysical  Institute,  NAS, Ukraine
  34.    Sindy Sterckx, VITO, Belgium
  35.    Francis Zagolski, PARBLEU Technologies Inc., Canada
  36.    Giuseppe Zibordi, Joint Research Centre, Italy
  37.    Teofilius Tõnisson, lnterpectrum  0Ü, Estonia
  38.    Kristi Uudeberg, Tartu Observatory, Estonia
  39.    Riho Vendt, Tartu Observatory, Estonia


Tue, 8 December 2015
Arrival and overnight in Tartu

Wed, 9 December 2015
08:30   Organized bus from Tartu city centre to Tõravere
09:00   Full day MVT meeting in Tõravere, meals included
18:00   Visit to 1,5 m telescope
19:00   Bus from Tõravere to Kääriku Sports and Recreation Centre in South Estonia
20:00   Dinner and social event including sauna in Kääriku

Thu, 10 December 2015
09:00   Full day MVT meeting in Kääriku, meals and sports included
19:00   Dinner with entertainment
21:00   Social event including sauna in Kääriku

Fri, 11 december 2015
Half day MVT meeting in Tõravere
08:00   Breakfast in Kääriku
08:30   Departure by organized bus from Kääriku to Tõravere
09:30   Half day meeting in Tõravere (including lunch)
13:00   End of the event in Tõravere, organized bus to Tartu city centre

Practical information about travel and accommodation

Please find detailed information how to get to Tartu, Estonia on Tartu Observatory website, the links to airport and bus connection pages are also available there. 

You can come to Tartu in several ways, please check the most suitable for you:

  • by plane to Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport and then by bus to Tartu Coach Station
  • by plane to Tartu Airport and then by Airport Shuttle to Tartu city centre
  • by plane to Riga Airport and then by bus to Tartu Coach Station
  • by ferry to Tallinn and then by bus to Tartu Coach Station
  • by bus to Tallinn or Tartu
  • by train to Tallinn or Tartu

The bus connection between Tallinn and Tartu is very good, on an hourly basis. The bus connection between Riga and Tartu is not so often. Please check the schedules and book your tickets beforehand via T-pilet booking system.

There are several decent hotels available at the city centre of Tartu. Please book and pay for your accommodation in Tartu by yourself. Local organizers reccommend following hotels in the Tartu city centre:

The accommodation in Kääriku for 9/10 Dec and 10/11 Dec is booked by organizers, but everybody have to pay for its own room on site or beforehand. Please contact local organizers (, if there are any questions in this matter.

Please also book your accommodation in Tartu or Tallinn for 11/12 Dec night, if you need it according to your travel schedule, also by yourself.

Looking forward to see you in Estonia and Tartu!

Contacts of Tartu Observatory
Phone: +372 696 2502