ESA Science and Technology Programme Workshop

Tiia Lillemaa | 24.09.2014

Workshop introducing ESA Science and Technology Programme and Finnish User-Experience took place in Tartu Observatory on September 24, 2014.

ESA programmide workshop 2014

ESA representatives Marcos Bavdaz from the Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration, ESTEC/ESA and Eike Kircher from the Directorate of Technical and Quality Management, ESTEC/ESA introduced the ESA programmes.

Finnish space pioneer Heiki Sipilä, who have been involved in many ESA technology projects, sales to NASA etc. talk about his own experiences and lessons learned from participation in ESA programmes as a researcher and an entrepreneur. Mart Noorma, Head of Tartu Observatory Space Technology Department led very interesting panel discussion with presenters.

The Estonian entrepreneurs and researchers exchanged the ideas with the ESA representatives about the benefits and obstacles in participation in ESA programmes. Madis Võõras from the Estonian Space Office and Dr Anu Reinart, Director of Tartu Observatory led the roundtable on these issues. The participants discussed also the impact of the development of space sector and accession of Estonia into ESA in 2015 to the Estonian economy.

ESA Science and Technology program introductory workshop is already ninth similar seminar within last three years to introduce the global and European space and aerospace opportunities for the Estonian companies and research institutions. The seminar was organised by Estonian Space Office and Invent Baltics Ltd in cooperation with Tartu Observatory. Event was supported by the European Social Foundation.

More information on workshop webpage.