Estonian students won four bronze medals on the XIX International Astronomy Olympiad

Tiit Sepp | 24.10.2014

The XIX International Astronomy Olympiad was held from October 12th to 21st 2014 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 

Astronoomia olümpiaad 2014

The students competed in 2 age groups, whose age limit correspond approximately to age limit of comprehensive school and gymnasium. All participants in the younger group where from Tallinn French School: Airon Johannes Oravas won bronze medal, Pearu Pung won diploma and Gamithra Marga won diploma and special award for the best problem illustration. The bronze medal winner Airon J. Oravas was only 0.2 points away from silver medal and according to team leader, Tiit Sepp, was definitely a candidate for all time closest medal loss in a competition where the total score is 88 points.

All participants in the elder age group: Carel Kuusk from Tallinn Secondary Science School, Taavet Kalda from Gustav Adolf Gymnasium and Jonatan Kalmus Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, won bronze medals. Kuusk and Kalda where just 1.5 and 1.6 points away from silver medal and Kalmus was within 2 points respects to them. "If the jury hasn't voted for less silver medals for this year, then we would have had silver medals", commented Tiit Sepp. He continues, "This uniformly strong performance conforms that the reforms that have been introduced to our national team training are successful and in the next years if where’re near the separation line for medals we are on the other side of it. Also it is important to congratulate all our students whose performance gave Estonia a new medal record in quantitative terms."

The training and participation of the Estonian astronomy team in the international olympiads is funded by the Estonian ministry of science and education, and coordinated by The Gifted and Talented Development Centre of the University of Tartu. Students and researchers of Tartu Observatory instructed the Estonian team of participants. In 2014 contributed to the preparation of the team Tiit Sepp, Tõnis Eenmäe, Rain Kipper, Jaan Laur, Eero Vaher, Teet Kuutma and Tiina Liimets.

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