Tartu Observatory has joined EURAXESS network

Eeva Kumberg | 31.05.2015

This May Tartu Observatory and the Estonian Academy of Arts joined the Estonian EURAXESS network, which now comprises already nine research organisations. Joining the network indicates that Estonian R&Dinstitutions see researchers’ mobility as a means to raise the quality of their scientific excellence.

Guest researchers visiting Tartu Observatory
in autumn 2014
Photo: Siiri Kolka

EURAXESS network has more than 260 members in 40 countries. In Estonia the other members are the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Archimedes Foundation, as well as two coordinators Estonian Research Council and the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

EURAXESS is a pan-European network launched by European Commission to support mobility of researchers across Europe. A set of services is provided to the mobile researchers, including councelling in practical matters like legal issues (e.g. visa formalities) and financial issues (e.g. taxation), but also everyday life. An important part of EURAXESS is the EURAXESS Jobs portal where new information about vacant jobs, fellowships and ohter funding opportunities for researchers are published every day. The network is also taking care of researchers rights and keeping the European diaspora researchers linked to the European Research Area.

Researchers mobility has become important issue in Europe. This motivates our smaller research institutions to join the network. Tiia Lillemaa, the head of the department of support services from Tartu Observatory says that the number of foreign researchers working in Estonia is growing, and the issues related to this are the same for both, small and big institutions. Human resources manager Julia Leitsinger from the Estonian Academy of Arts agrees with her. „The network provides support in employing foreign researchers and lecturers as well as in sending our own researchers abroad. We also keep our members updated with the news from European Research Area,“ says EURAXESS Estonia coordinator Siiri Kolka.

EURAXESS Estonia coordinator at Estonian Research Council organises training courses for the empolyees of the member organisations and other interested parties on the issues related to hosting foreign researchers in Estonia. In addition, we organise networking events for the researchers and their families that take place in various interesting sites of Estonia and give foreign researchers a better understanding of Estonian society and environment. Lots of useful information about practical matters for foreign researchers can be found at our portal http://euraxess.ee/; we also publish e-newsletter and run EURAXESS Estonia Facebook page.

EURAXESS network contact person in Tartu Observatory is Head of Support Services Tiia Lillemaa.

Information: Siiri Kolka, Estonian Research Council, EURAXESS Estonia, tel: +372 7300338, e-mail: siiri.kolka@etag.ee www.euraxess.ee,www.etag.ee