Science Task Force (Teadusmalev) 2015 in Tõravere

Astrid Pung | 25.05.2015

This summer, Tartu Observatory in cooperation with Tartu University will once again hold the Science Task Force event in Tõravere. This year, the participants` stipends are funded by the Tartu Hansa Rotary club youth development fund.

Karl Reinkubjas
Karl Reinkubjas
Winner of the TV show Rakett 69, Chief of the Science Task Force 2015

The purpose of the Science Task Force is to give young people who are talented in physical sciences a chance to challenge their knowledge and skills through up to two months of work in the department of Space Technology of Tartu Observatory. This year, 5 stipends were granted by the Tartu Hansa Rotary club youth development fund for young people participating in the event.

A total of 21 applications were sent for the stipends. They were reviewed by a committee of Anu Reinart (director of Tartu Observatory, member of the THR club), Viire Sepp (leader of the Tartu University Teaduskool, member of the THR club) and Mart Noorma (leader of the department of Space Technology of Tartu Observatory, the vice-dean of the faculty of science and technology in the University of Tartu).

The previous activity, results and motivation of the applicants were taken account in deciding the results. All submitted applications were very well composed and the motivation and previous work of the applicants was on an excellent level.

By the suggestion of the committee the Tartu Hansa Rotary club decided to grant the stipends to the following applicants: Eva-Maria Tõnson, Markus Rene Pae, Kelli Randmäe, Gregor Eesmaa and Carel Kuusk. The coordinator of the Science Task Force was chosen to be the winner of this season of Rakett 69 Karl Reinkubjas, who was also awarded the THR stipend.

Taking into account the high level of applicants, in addition to the THR stipends, Tartu Observatory decided grant funding for four additional participants. The choice was made to include Karina Sein, Daniil Lepkin, Anni Kasikov and Eigo Varemäe.

We congratulate the winners of the contest and thank every applicant and suggest You to take lead to apply for opportunities in the future as well!

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