The Research Council nominated scholars of Tartu Observatory 2015

Tiia Lillemaa | 26.10.2015

On 26 October 2015 the Research Council of Tartu Observatory nominated scholars of 2015 in the fields of astronomy, environmental physics and space technology.

Scholars of Tartu Observatory 2015: 
Hendrik Ehrpais, Villem Voormansik and
Boris Deshev (is missing from the picture due to research work in Austria).

In astronomy the winner of Ernst Julius Öpik scholarship is PhD student of University of Tartu Boris Deshev, whose research deals with the effects of environment on the evalutian of galaxies. In particular it concentrates on the effect the merging clusters of galaxies have on the evalutian of their constituent galaxies.

The Juhan Ross scholarship in the field of environmental physic was nominated to Villem Voormansik, the Master’s student in Geography in the University of Tartu. He is working on the radar remote sensing methods and terminology of in the Estonian language.

In space technology the winner of Charles Villmann scholarship is Hendrik Ehrpais, Master’s student in Robotics and Computer Engineering in the University of Tartu. He have been member of EstCube team since 2011 and introduced the research work based on the student satellite ESTCube-1 attitude determination and control system flight results.

Tartu Observatory grants scholarships for successful students since 1997. Altogether there are 40 nominents of these scolarships over the years.

More information about applying procedure and list of nominents is available on our webpage: