The Festival of Lights introduced the light-based technologies

Tiia Lillemaa | 1.11.2015

On October 31st 2015 Tartu Observatory organized a family event „Festival of Lights“ to introduce the usage of light and light-based technologies at home and in the development of society. There were about 1500 guests taking part of the event, which was much more people we expected.

valguse festivali plakat.jpg

The whole building of observatory was opened to the public for one night. The visitors could see interactive expositions and participate in the workshops that helped to understand the nature of lights and different methods of use of lights. In addition to researchers of observatory – astronomers, remote sensing and space technology specialists, the fields of application of lights were presented by specialists from Tartu University Hospital, Police and Border Guard Board, Psyhhobus, Science centre AHHAA and Tallinn TV Tower.

The culmination of the evening was the journey-performance „Forest of Lights“ under the starry sky in Tõravere. The trees, bushes and telescope domes were lightened in different colours. All the guests were guided through 5 different pictures, inspired by the Estonian mythology, where singers, dancers, and musicians performed the mysterious scenes. Producer of the performance was Jaan Ulst, original music was written by Ardo Ran Varres and the author of landscape lightening was Ringo Muhhin (Eventech).

„Our mission as a research institution is to introduce the space science and technology to the public, but it can be done in an interesting and unusual way. I am very happy that our young specialists made real the idea to bring the light of knowledge to the people at the dark autumn night through nature and music, and that it was supported by so many people and institutions,“ explained Dr Anu Reinart, Director of Tartu Observatory. „We hope that quite a few children visiting Tartu Observatory will tie their studies and future with the space,“ she added.

Tartu Observatory will continue to organize public events to introduce the work of researchers. The main organizer of the Festival of Lights was Heli Lätt. The event was supported by Tartu Observatory, MTÜ Stellarium, Kultuurkapital, Nõo county, Tartumaa Omavalitsuste Liit, Elva city, AudioSky and Enics.

Year 2015 is an International Year of Light and Light-based technologies.
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