Meeting Space Scientist in Tallinn TV Tower

Tiia Lillemaa | 13.01.2016

Tallinn TV Tower will organise meetings with astronomers in the frames of exhibition "LIving Universe". The first one will be on 20 Juanry 2016 at 18 o'clock in TV Tower. Laurits Leedjärv from Tartu Observatory will talk about "Does Cosmology Need the Life?"

Teletorni näituse avamine 2015.jpg

All people who are interested in Space are welcome to these inspiring meetings. It's a great possibility to look around with the eyes of scientists and hear the news directly from the source. Presentations are in Estonian, discussions can be in Estonian and english

Schedule of the meetings and video introductions:

The meetings will take place in the movie theatre on the 2nd floor of TV Tower and are free for those people who have tickets for exposition. Registration by e-mail ( is needed to ensure your place in the meetingroom.