XII annual Open Astronomy Competion

Tiit Sepp | 14.04.2016

High school students solving tasks

On the 10th of april the XII annual Open Astronomy Competion was held. The Open Astronomy Competion is the most prominent local competion for Estonian schoolchildren in astronomy. In the Open competion the children compete in 2 categories Junior high school (8-9 grade) which had 14 participants and senior high school (10-12 grade) with 19 participants.

This year had a wide range of different problems to solve. For example the children had to estimate the mass of a strong lens galaxy cluster, calculate the time it takes for a photon to travel from solar centre to surface, estimate the apparent size of the Moon depending on time of observation and many more.

In senior category, the victory went to Tallinn, when Carel Kuusk was sucsessful. He was followed by Paul Kerner and Airon Johannes Oravas. In junior category Richard Luhtaru made a clean work and was tailed by Kaarel Kivisalu and elis Sõõrd.

the full  results (in estonian):

Based on the result the Estonian team for Estonian Czech Astronomy competion is formed and also the national team for International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA).

The Open Competion is financed by the ministry of science and education and is organized by Tartu Observatory in cooperation with  University of Tartu school of sciences.

Additional information:
Tiit Sepp (tiit.sepp@to.ee)
head of jury