Sentinel-3 launch

Martin Ligi | 17.02.2016

On 16th of February 2016 at 19:57 (Estonian time), the Sentinel-3 satellite was launched from Plesetsk cosmodrome (Russia) on a Rockot launcher.

Sentinel 3 start.jpg
Sentinel 3
Photo by ESA, Pirre Carril

It is vital for Tartu Observatory scientists, because the 1150 kg satellite carries OLCI sensor, that is designed for water remote sensing, filling in the void that was left in the field after satellite Envisat and OLCI’s predecessor MERIS stopped working in the spring 2012. The OLCI sensor entered it’s testing phase and should start sending regular data in five months time. The full name of the satellite is Sentinel 3A and its twin 3B should be launced sometime next year.