Tartu Observatory Summer Academy 2016

Karoli Kahn | 6.06.2016

6 June 2016 marks the beginning of Tartu Observatory Summer Academy, which will bring over 40 university and high school students from Estonia and from abroad to Tartu Observatory during the summer.

Suveakadeemia 2015
Summer Academy 2015. Photo by Viljo Allik.

The Summer Academy encompasses traineeships for students at Tartu Observatory, as well as a Science Task Force for high school students and a Science Camp. Trainees from both Estonia and abroad (India, Latvia, France, Spain, Scotland) will spend the summer working on the development of the ESTCube-2 satellite.

From 4 June until 19 August seven high school students will participate in the Science Task Force and learn about the field of their preference under supervision of experts from Tartu Observatory.

In the Science Camp from 18 to 21 July , the pupils will learn about everyday work at the observatory and join Tartu Observatory employees and trainees on a barge cruise.

Important dates
06.06.2016 Beginning of Tartu Observatory Summer Academy
15.-16.06.2016 ESTCube-2 satellite bus workshop
30.06.-01.07.2016 ESTCube-2 payload workshop
04.-07.2016 Beginning of Science Task Force activities
18.07.2016 Beginning of Science Camp
Week 29 Bargue trip
17.08.2016 ESTCube Student Conference