Presentation of Ene Ergma book "Kosmosemutt" in Tõravere

Tiia Lillemaa | 6.06.2016

On Friday, 10 June 2016 at 13:00 presents Academician Ene Ergma her book "Kosmosemutt" in Tartu Observatory, and grants the observatory of the flag that is flown in Long Hermann tower in Tallinn in the period 24 February 2005 until 15 April 2005.


The flag was granted to Ene Ergma by the Estonian Parliament Speaker Eiki Nestor when she finished her long period of work on the same position - as the Estonian Parliament Speaker. 

The oak will be planted in the park of Tartu Observatory by Ene Ergma to memorize the event.



Authors: Ene Ergma, Lea Arme
Nr of pages: 304
Size: 145x225
Volume: Hard cover
Published in: 2016 by Tammerraamat
ISBN: 9789949565375