Finnish metrology specialists visited Tartu Observatory

Viktor Vabson | 10.06.2016

Two delegations from Finnish research institutes visited Tartu Observatory at the beginning of June. On June 6th, 2016 colleagues from Tampere University of Technology held a seminar here. On June 9th, 2016 specialists of Metrology Research Institute of Aalto University - MIKES-Aalto visited our laboratories.

Soome metroloogiainstituudi radiomeetrialabori külastus.jpg

Metrology Research Institute from Aalto University (MIKES-Aalto) has been for a long time a very good partner of Optical laboratory of TO. Traceability of optical measurements in Estonia is largely based to the calibrations performed at the MIKES-Aalto. Research carried out in Finland supports strongly the development of optical measurements in Estonia, and a number of Estonian specialists have used an opportunity to continue their research work at MIKES-Aalto to improve their qualification.

Visitors, altogether 16 people, arrived at 11:00. Anu Reinart, Director of Tartu Observatory, welcomed the guests and spoke about importance of cooperation between Finland and Tartu Observatory. Viktor Vabson, Research Fellow of the Space Technology Department told about testing and calibration laboratories of the department. Ilmar Ansko, Senior Engineer of the Remote Sensing Department presented the last results of scientific research of the Optical laboratory. After lunch laboratory visits were arranged. Ilmar Ansko showed the Optical laboratory. Viljo Allik, Leading Engineer demonstrated the ground station and testing chamber for the electromagnetic compatibility, and Johan Kütt showed the space technology development and testing laboratories of the Space Technology. After laboratory visits Tõnis Eenmäe, Research Fellow of the Stellar Physics Department led the visitors to the great observation tower to see the 1,5 m telescope and Stellarium.