The Citizens' Debate on Space for Europe at Tartu Observatory

Katrina Kalnina | 15.08.2016

The European Space Agency (ESA) highly appreciate opinion of the member state citizens. Therefore organizes vast open debate on September 10, 2016 to hear the member state citizens views on ESA future – what missions are interesting for the public, what space technologies can have an impact on our daily lives.

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The Citizens' Debate on Space for Europe is a unique - indeed the first instance of a - consultation organized in every member state of the European Space Agency. Over 2000 citizens selected to reflect the socio-demographic diversity of their country will debate on space matters during a day-long meeting. The participants are chosen to achieve diversity in the panel by respecting socio-demographic criteria such as age, gender, geographical area, profession, etc.

In order to consolidate the 22 national results reports into one European report, all debates will follow the same instructions and answer the same set of questions.

The Citizens' Debate on behalf of ESA is organised by Missions Publiques, a company specialised in citizen participation, and 20 partners to involve more actors, especially citizens, in choices that will respond to societal challenges, put space at their service and impact coming generations through space innovation, exploration and international space cooperation.

The debate will be a full day face-to-face meeting involving 100 lay-citizens in each location. During the event, participants will be informed about Space and ESA's mandate and work on general Space issues. Any specific knowledge about space is not needed to participate: everyone comes with his or her own experience and opinion.

In Estonia the debate is held at the Tartu Observatory (Tõravere) and TUT Innovation and business Centre Mektory (Tallinn). At Tõravere the debate will be lead by the director of the Tartu Observatory Anu Reinart and the vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Tartu Mart Noorma.

All participants are invited to register online till the midnight of September 4, 2016. The number of participants is limited to 50 people at Tõravere, the decision will be made by ESA. A lunch and coffee breaks will be provided during the debate as well as transportation back and forth from Tõravere.

The diversity of participants is important to provide a perspective and original information to decision-makers based on citizens' visions; enable ESA's high quality, democratic governance to mirror a wider range of public concerns and expectations, and identify possible controversial, unknown or underestimated issues; generate a greater understanding of space issues and build public trust and confidence in ESA's decisions.

And above all, it will be fun and inspiring! You will get to meet and discuss with a small group of people in a friendly atmosphere on fascinating issues. Register now and spread the word about this unique opportunity!

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