XXI Annual Meeting of the Estonian Astronomy Enthusiasts

Tiia Lillemaa | 11.08.2016

XXI Annual Meeting of the Estonian Astronomy Enthusiasts takes place in Tõravere from 10th to 14th of August 2016. The head topic of the meeting is Solar system and other planetary systems.

Astronoomiahuviliste kokkutulek 2008.jpg

The activities of the annual meeting include observations of stars at night by eyes and telescopes, lecture sessions with presentations from astronomy enthusiasts and professional astronomers, a hike, a movie session and a concert.

From Wednesday to Sunday the doors of Tartu Observatory in Tõravere are open for astronomy enthusiasts. At nights, if the sky is clear, small telescopes will be set up on the Observatory grounds near the large telescope dome.

The first full day of the meeting is dedicated to hobby astronomy. There will be seminars about how to observe the sky with a telescope, how to make photos of the sky and prepare for the observations. On Thursday evening the Annual Meeting of the Estonian Astronomical Society will take place.

On Friday there will be a hike and the afternoon seminar is about expoplanets. In the evening a movie „Aurora Borealis in Estonia, March 17-18, 2015“ by Urmas Haud, Senior Research Fellow of Tartu Observatory, is demonstrated. The big telescope tower and Stellarium will be open for public in the Friday evening as the Public Observation Event will also take place.

The lectures on Saturday are about Solar system, astronomical research of stars and popularization of astronomy. There will be a concert „Galaxies in Music“ by Urmas Sisask at the end of the day.

On Sunday the lectures are about the Universe, galaxies and galaxy structures.

The full program of the meeting (in Estonian) can be found here.

The event is organized by the Estonian Astronomical Society. The main organizers of the event are Taavi Tuvikene and Tõnis Eenmäe from Tartu Observatory.