Article about ESTCube-1 mission receives distinguished award 

Karoli Kahn | 1.02.2017

The cover article of the August 2015 issue of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine „ESTCube-1 In-Orbit Experience and Lessons Learned” was awarded the Dr. Harry Rowe Mimno Award for the best paper published in the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine in 2015. 

2017-02-01 IEEE Systems magazine kaanepilt.png

Established in 1979, this award recognizes and fosters excellence in clear communications of technical material of widespread interest to AESS (IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society) members.

The awarded article gives an overview of ESTCube-1 operations from launch until the experiment, as well as lessons learned from five years of development and almost two years of operations. The article was written in hopes that other satellite teams could benefit from the ESTCube-1 experience. The full article is available at

The main author of the recognized ESTCube-1 paper is the Head of Department of Space Technology at Tartu Observatory Andris Slavinskis. Co-authors are Dr. Mihkel Pajusalu, Henri Kuuste, Erik Ilbis, Tõnis Eenmäe, Indrek Sünter, Kaspars Laizans, Hendrik Ehrpais, Paul Liias, Erik Kulu, Jaan Viru, Jaanus Kalde, Urmas Kvell, Johan Kütt, Dr. Karlis Zalite, Karoli Kahn, Silver Lätt, Dr. Jouni Envall, Dr. Petri Toivanen, Jouni Polkko, Dr. Pekka Janhunen, Roland Rosta, Dr. Taneli Kalvas, Dr. Riho Vendt, Viljo Allik and Dr. Mart Noorma.