The Festival of Light was awarded title „The Event of the Year 2016“ by the Nõo Parish

Tiia Lillemaa | 28.03.2017

The family event "Festival of Light" held at the Tartu Observatory for the second year in a row was awarded the title of "Deed of the Year 2016" by Nõo Parish in Tartu county. 

Heli Lätt 2016

The family event “Festival of Light” was held on 8th of October 2016. It consisted of two parts: science and performance. There were 21 outreach activities open to public inside the main building of the observatory, explaining the space related research and its use in everyday life or in industry. The light-performance “Visit to Space” was a custom production in the open air all around the territory of the observatory.

The festival attendance was free of charge and more than 2000 people all over Estonia took part of it. Festival producers were Heli Lätt from Tartu Observatory and Jaan Ulst. Performance was directed by Jaan Ulst. More information about the last year’s festivals is available at

In September 2016 Tartu county and city recognized the best education promoters and teachers. The title "Friend of the Education of the Year" was awarded to Heli Lätt, Head of the Visitor Centre of Tartu Observatory for good work in promotion of natural science education and popularisation of science.

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