European parliamentarians will discuss space cooperation at Tõravere

Marie Kukk, Riigikogu Press Service | 22.05.2017

Estonia is the holding the rotating chairmanship of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) this year, and organises the international EISC Workshop held at Tartu Observatory on 22 and 23 May 2017. At the Workshop, parliamentarians and space experts from all over Europe will discuss space and entrepreneurship.

EISC workshop 2017.jpg

EISC 2017 Chairwoman Liisa Oviir thinks that the activities in space are more and more moving into the hands of the private sector, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship. “Space technologies are already now having a great influence on our daily lives. Some examples of that are remote sensing, or observing processes on Earth from satellites, and satellite positioning, where automotive navigation is the best known,” Oviir said. “At the sessions of the Workshop, we can offer specific activities to our colleagues on how to take the possibilities of the space more into use in our everyday life,” Oviir added.

In Oviir’s opinion, legislation has an important role in the space sector, and many countries have passed special laws on space. “As a result of these discussions, Estonia could also start with preparing and passing a space law,” Oviir said.

The Workshop will be opened by Liisa Oviir. Presentations will be made by European Space Agency (ESA) Project Scientist of the Rosetta space probe mission Matt Taylor, co-Founder of Mooncascade, Garage48 Foundation and MobileMonday Estonia Priit Salumaa, Head of Center of IT Impact Studies CITIS Kristjan Vassil, and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Tartu, initiator of the Estonian Satellite Project ESTCUBE Mart Noorma.

On 6–7 November 2017, the EISC Plenary Session will be held in Tallinn, where issues relating to legislation, e-society and sustainable space policy will be discussed.

The European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) was established in 1999. Its members are the national parliaments of the member states of the European Union and/or of the European Space Agency that have created a parliamentary body dealing with space affairs. At present the organisation has 12 full members and one associate member.

The programme of the Workshop held in Tartu on 22–23 May 2017 can be found here.