Estonian-Latvian space collaboration project SpaceTEM have started

Kadri Bussov | 12.06.2017

On June 10-11, 2017 students from Estonia and Latvia as well their supervisors will gathered in a workshop in Tartu Observatory for the first time in the frames of new SpaceTEM project. 

2017-06-10 SpaceTEM participants.jpg

Trainees from ESTCube, Tartu University and Venspils University College gathered to Tõravere with entrepreneurs of several Estonian and Latvian space technology companies to start with the cooperation project SpaceTEM. “The workshop is designed to create collaboration and good relationships between Estonian and Latvian students and specialists in hopes of helping the creation of mutually beneficial NewSpace industry sector in the region,” introduced the ESTCube-2 and SpaceTEM project manager Kadri Bussov the seminar to the participants.

SpaceTEM project offers trainees many events in Estonia and Latvia throughout the summer. Students will be interns in space technology companies, Estonian and Latvian Universities or research institutions and get a leadership training of how to run a space enterprise.

SpaceTEM is a new INTEREG Est-Lat project which aims to initiate the development of NewSpace (private space technology sector) industry in Estonia and Latvia through a series of mutual activities.

SpaceTEM is brought to life by Tartu Observatory as lead, University of Tartu, Estoinian Student Satellite Foundation and sTARTUp Hub from Estonia and University of Latvia, Ventspils University College, Heliocentric Technologies Latvia and Green and Smart Technology Cluster from Latvia.

SpaceTEM takes upon itself the task of unifying Estonian and Latvian students, entrepreneurs, universities and even policy makers in the field of space technology and NewSpace. Participants from both countries will work together to fill gaps in knowledge, share ideas and collaborate on new initiative.

Kadri Bussov, ESTCube Project Manager, SpaceTEM project partner, +372 53479033