Juhan Ross Legacy Symposium will take place in Tõravere

Jan Pisek | 23.08.2017

From 23-25 August 2017 the Juhan Ross Legacy Symposium will take place in Tartu Observatory.


The vegetation remote sensing scientists all over the world from 13 countries are gathering to Tõravere to celebrate the recent 25th anniversary of the "Photon-Vegetation Interactions" book, edited by Ranga Myneni and J. Ross, published by Springer-Verlag, and 35th anniversary of "The Radiation Regime and Architecture of Plant Stands" book by J. Ross, published by Dr. W. Junk Publishers.

Both books are considered classical works in the field of radiative transfer in plant canopies and in other branches of plant optics. The objective of the evnt is to bring together original contributors to the collective monograph, as well as other distinguished scientists, whose career might have been inspired and influenced by those publications. The symposium will look forward standing on the achievements that sprouted from the books, gaps in the books which have been filled now, and especially those which still need filling.

You will find the programme from webpage: https://jrls2017.to.ee/

Additional information: Jan Pisek, Senior Research Fellow in Tartu Observatory, jan.pisek@to.ee