Estonian and Latvian space project SpaceTEM in search for new trainees

Kadri Bussov, Kairi Janson | 1.03.2018

The space development project SpaceTEM that became to be very popular last year are looking for new trainees. SpaceTEM give students a chance to attend a compensated traineeship at a space field enterprise or research institution and this time, the list of Estonian and Latvian enterprises that are happy to welcome trainees is even longer than last hear.

2017-06-10 SpaceTEM participants.jpg

Last year, there were 25 trainees participating in SpaceTEM: 13 from Estonia and 12 from Latvia. The traineeship that lasted for ten weeks ended at the European Planetary Science Congress in Riga. The SpaceTEM students got to present their posters that reflected their traineeship.

The award for best student poster went to Anni Kasikov who is a physics bachelor's student at the University of Tartu and did her SpaceTEM traineeship last year. Her practice took place at the Baldone Observatory in Riga. Anni’s task was to find carbon stars from telescope photos and to do research on their characteristics (temperature, distance, brightness). “At the end of summer I got to go and do my own observations with the telescope and that was really cool,” said Kasikov.

Software Engineer of ESTCube Umesh .A Bhat said that he gave his trainee a lot of freedom. .A Bhat’s trainee worked on the command table of the onboard system of the ESTCube-2. “He was a clever boy. In the very beginning I gave him some instructions and we would meet once a day. But mostly he figured everything out by himself,” he said. 

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This year, the Estonian enterprises that are happy to welcome trainees for the summer are Milrem Robotics, CristalSpace/Krakul, KappaZeta and Spaceit. One can also do their ESTCube traineeship at Tartu Observatory.

In Latvia, traineeship can be done at enterprises like Heliocentric Technologies or Blue Shock Race and at Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP). Students can also become trainees at the Latvian or Ventspils universities. The range of topics is wide, starting from dark matter research and ending with developing race cars.

Applications can be submitted  until 31 March, there are 25 trainee places in general. All students studying in Estonian or Latvian universities as well as Estonian and Latvian citizens from foreign universities are can apply for SpaceTEM traineeship.

The traineeship lasts for ten weeks and is compensated. If the student goes their traineeship in a different town or country, their accommodation costs are compensated as well.

The list of topics can be found on this link

To apply for the traineeship, send your CV, motivational letter, transcript of records, and a link to your own technology project to

SpaceTEM is an European Union Interreg space collaboration project that started last summer. It takes upon itself the task of unifying Estonian and Latvian students, entrepreneurs, universities and even policy makers in the field of space technology and NewSpace. Participants from both countries work together to fill gaps in knowledge, share ideas and collaborate on new initiative.

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