Science Task Force are looking for enthusiastic pupils for the summer

Karoli Kahn | 2.04.2018

Tartu Observatory and ESTCube in cooperation with Tartu Hansa Rotary club are accepting applications for the 7th Science Task Force taking place from 2.07-17.08  at Tartu observatory. Science Task Force participants will have the opportunity to learn about science at the observatory or to help developing the ESTCube-2 satellite.


Pupils in grades 9–12 (incl. those graduating high school in 2018) are invited to apply for the Science Task Force. Applicants should show high motivation and good knowledge, as well as sufficient English skills for working alongside an international team. The pupils chosen for the Science Task Force will be granted a scholarship, which can be used for covering accommodation and alimentation costs. Just as in the past years, the Science Task Force scholarships are granted by the Tartu Hansa Rotary club.

To apply, please send a statement of your intention to apply in free form along with a motivational letter (one A4 max) to by April 30 2018. In the motivational letter, it is recommended to highlight any previous accomplishments in the field of science (for example participation in competitions or the “Rakett 69” TV show, projects in electronics and programming, good grades in physics and mathematics in school etc), and to demonstrate an interest in the field of space. For improved chances of being selected, you may also send an example of your previous work, such as a project in the field of electronics, software, mechanics or science.

For additional information about the Science Task Force, its organisation and the application process, please email