Rector candidates introduced their visions of the university governance

Kairi Janson | 29.03.2018

This week, University of Tartu rector candidates Professor Margit Sutrop and Professor Toomas Asser came to meet with the observatory’s staff.

Rector candidates Toomas Asser and Margit Sutrop. Photo: Mari-Liis Pintson / collage

On Monday, March 26 2018, University of Tartu Professor of Practical Philosofy Margit Sutrop visited the observatory. Sutrop is also the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Head of the Centre for Ethics, a member of the Rector’s Office and a member of Academia Europaea.

Among other ideas, Sutrop emphasised the importance of interdisciplinary and international cooperation, a more systematic funding of science, and raising the Phd student allowance. She stated that University of Tartu as a research-based national university needs to retain its position. Sutrop’s vision is written in her election programme

On Tuesday, March 27 2018, the University of Tartu Professor of Neurosurgery Toomas Asser met with the obseravatory’s staff. Asser is also the Head of Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the university, the Member of the University of Tartu Council and of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

At the observatory, Asser, among other things, brought to notice the need for an intelligent, discussion-based funding management because the university needs to accord with the needs of the society. Asser also stressed the importance of cooperation with other higher education institutes. He proposed that PhD students who have the status of students but actually do research should be appointed junior research fellows. Asser’s views are reflected in his election programme.

The Rector of the University of Tartu will be elected on April 26 2018 at 12. The rector will be elected by an electoral council that will be approved as of April 9. The rector’s term of office is five years.