The best young astronomers are pupils of Tallinn Secondary School of Science

University of Tartu | 19.04.2018

At the the Astronomy Open Competition held on April 15, Tallinn Secondary School of Science pupils Martin Rahe and Jarl Patrick Paide won the first prizes.

astronoomia lahtised võistlused

The competition took place for the 14th time. Pupils from class 8 to 12 had to solve tasks about Moon observation, gravity waves, the brightness of double stars, and more. The pupils were expected to have substantive knowledge in order to solve the theoretical tasks.

24 pupils took part of the competition, 18 of whom participated in the older age group. Among younger pupils, the winner was Tallinn Secondary School of Science pupil Martin Rahe. Rahe won the second place of his age group at the Physics Olympiad held on the same weekend. Among the older age group, Jarl Patrick Paide, also a Tallinn Secondary School of Science pupil, won the first prize.

The best young astronomers will participate in the Estonian-Chezh astronomy olympiad which will determine the participants of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The Astronomy Open Competition is organized by University of Tartu Observatory and the University of Tartu Old Observatory.

The results of the competition are published on the University of Tartu The Gifted and Talented Development Centre website

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Tiit Sepp

Organizer of the Astronomy Open Competition