Cooperation festival: Tartu Observatory was in the right place at the right time

Kairi Janson | 4.12.2017

On November 28, 2017, Tartu Observatory was represented at the cooperation festival of entrepreneurs and universities “Right time, right place” held in Tallinn. Services offered by Tartu Observatory were presented – one of the ways this was done was by Riho Vendt and his lift speech.

koostööfestival 2017

The goal of the cooperation festival was to bring entrepreneurs, universities, and research institutions together in the right place at the right time as can be told from the name of the festival. The attendants could communicate and find ways of working together – for instance on creating new products and services and bringing them onto the market.

Tartu Observatory presented our space laboratory services and the possibility of science consultation for enterprises during development and testing phases. Engineer Mari Allik, Leading Engineer Viljo Allik, and Senior Research Fellow Riho Vendt attended the event.

Mari Allik hopes that the observatory built relationships with new potential clients at the event. Besides enterprises, Tartu Observatory also created new contacts with universities and science institutes. “Other than that, it is important to be represented because we are a research institution and it is always a joy to introduce people to what we do daily,” Allik added.

Allik thought the lift speeches was one of the most interesting parts of the festival. Researchers of different institutions had three minutes to tell entrepreneurs about their work and goals. Riho Vendt successfully introduced our space technology laboratories.

Other than that, short training sessions and practical workshops were held. Vendt highlighted Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBan) board member Ivo Remmelg’s presentation on how to involve investors in ideas, and seed stage venture capital fund Change Ventures investment partner Yrjö Ojasaar’s presentation called „How to succeed in the world?“. Vendt said both of the presentations gave useful thoughts and tips to entrepreneurs.

The cooperation festival took place for the third time already. It was held through ADAPTER: a network of Estonian universities, research and development organizations. Tartu Observatory is one of ADAPTER’s partners. This time, the key words of the event were human, environment and resource.

See the recording of the whole festival here!