Space Technology

ESTCube Team

Space technology develops, designs, and works out equipment and technologies used in space and aerospace applications.

Head of Space Technology Department is Dr Andris Slavinskis.


Testing and Calibration Laboratories

The laboratory complex of Tartu Observatory, Estonia is devoted to three main activities: development and testing of space technology, environmental testing, and optics. The laboratories include special electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe areas, cleanroom and anechoic environment. All laboratories include automatic control for ambient temperature and humidity conditions.

Head of Laboratories is Dr Riho Vendt.

International partners in the Field of Space Technology

Current Research Projects in the Field of Space Technology

European Union European Commission Framework Programme Projects

European Regional Development Fund Projects for Improving Research Infrastructure

Estonian Science Agency Projects

  • Participation of Estonia in the European Space Agency – network for space science and technology GEOKOSMOS  2011 - 2015   Internationalization of research    3.2.0601.11-0001
  • Subcontractor in project under European Space Agency Plan for European Cooperating States "European Student Earth Orbiter - optical payload" (lead by University of Tartu), 2014-2016.
  • Laboratory and staff support for the project under European Space Agency Plan for European Cooperating States "Technology demonstration for space debris mitigation and electric propulsion on ESTCube-1 student satellite" (lead by University of Tartu), 2013-2014.

Publications in the Field of Space Technology

Flight Results of ESTCube-1 Attitude Determination System

ESTCube-1 in-orbit experience and lessons learned

Special issue on technologies for the electric solar wind sail in the Proceedings of Estonian Academy of Sciences Vol. 63, Issue 2S, 2014

  • ESTCube-1 nanosatellite for electric solar wind sail in-orbit technology demonstration
  • E-sail test payload of the ESTCube-1 nanosatellite
  • Design of the fault tolerant command and data handling subsystem for ESTCube-1
  • Design and pre-flight testing of the electrical power system for the ESTCube-1 nanosatellite
  • Attitude determination and control for centrifugal tether deployment on the ESTCube-1 nanosatellite
  • Imaging system for nanosatellite proximity operations
  • Overview of electric solar wind sail applications
  • Nanosatellite orbit control using MEMS cold gas thrusters 

Teaching in the Field of Space Technology

University of Tartu, Estonia

  • LOFY.01.044 Space Technology (3 ECTS) - Mart Noorma, Andris Slavinskis
  • LOFY.01.047 Seminar on Space and Military Technology (6 ECTS) - Mart Noorma, Andris Slavinskis
  • LOFY.01.078 Space Technology Project (12 ECTS) - Mart Noorma, Andris Slavinskis