Külalisteadlase programm galaktikate füüsika ja kosmoloogia erialal

We invite scientists working in the general field of galaxy physics and cosmology to visit us at Tartu Observatory, deliver a colloquium talk, and discuss collaboration opportunities. We offer a travel grant covering the related costs: flight tickets (at least within Europe), daily allowances, and lodging at the premises of Tartu Observatory for an approximate duration of 1 week.

The grant is constantly available. In order to apply, please send a brief (about half a page) message to cosmogrant@to.ee (recipients Elmo Tempel and Antti Tamm), describing the motivation of your visit, indicating the preferred timing and the approximate cost of the flight.

Tartu Observatory is located 20 km out of Tartu. Please note that currently, the only flights to and from Tartu airport are those from Helsinki, Finland. However, bus connection between Tallinn airport and Tartu is frequent and convenient and takes about 2.5 hours. You are expected to use our guest area (with bedrooms, kitchen, sauna, etc) for accommodation. Staying in Tartu is also an option.